First Flight 1901


About Us

We are a lifestyle-driven company embracing high standards of creativity, quality and technology.
We foster a professional relationship with our business partners.
Our First Flight 1901 brand name and logo were inspired by the vision and achievements of Gustave Whitehead, True Pioneer of Aviation.
Our line of carefully selected accessoires from worldwide sources is a Celebration of the Spirit of Pioneers.
The business is operated as a Sole Trader business, owned by Karl Heigold; trading name is Heigold & Partner.
VAT Number DE185270790, registered to Karl Heigold by the German Federal Ministry of Finance.

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Our Mission
Our brand name First Flight 1901 promotes worldwide awareness for the first successful motorized flight in history on August 14, 1901.
We ensure our First Flight 1901 products consistently embrace unique design and craftmanship.
Our mission is to bring our vision of a pioneering spirit and luxury lifestyle to women and men around the globe.

Where We Are Based
Our administrative and sales offices are based in Southern Germany, just 80 kilometres northeast of Stuttgart, home of Mercedes and Porsche automobiles.
All goods are shipped from our central distribution depot unless otherwise stated.

Commitment to our Brand and Products
We never compromise our commitment to our premium products, or regard for our brand, or our loyalty to our customers. We treat our suppliers with respect and integrity. We consider them as critical partners, contributing to the ongoing and sustainable success of our business.

Brand Licensing
Our registered trademark First Flight 1901 is available for licensing. We invite your inquiries and brand licensing proposals that provide an opportunity to extend our trademark to products and services aligned with our core values and the brand's targeted consumers.

Commitment to Quality
We ensure a culture of quality and tasteful design in close cooperation with our suppliers and business partners by applying critical standards in the sourcing and creation of the accessoires we choose before our name goes on.

How to Order
To order any of our products, just follow the instructions where you see the item displayed, i.e. eBay, Instagram, Facebook.

We welcome inquiries from experienced and reliable distributors and resellers worldwide.

Shipping of Orders
Orders will be shipped via DHL unless stated otherwise.

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